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Windows and Doors

Eyes, it is said, are the windows to the soul. Similarly, windows are the eyes of the home, illuminating its beauty and its character.

Because, like doors, windows also need to function properly, the market in (and marketing of) replacement windows is huge. But their claims about energy and cost savings are simply not true (link) and replacing the original wood windows can end up looking like a botched face-lift on an aging starlet or leading man.

For a lower cost, with energy efficiency nearly as good as a replacement window (which itself will need replacement sooner than you would expect), old windows can almost always be repaired and rebuilt, and be tuned and refitted to function smoothly.

ErikBecause the replacement window business is based on faulty reasoning and false claims, and because landfilling salvageable old windows is such a needless waste of energy, resources, and money, repair is almost always a better option. Sometimes a window that seems beyond repair only needs some adjustment, some glazing putty, and a good paint job. Other windows need more reconstruction. But in either case, you will pay less than the cost of a quality replacement window and your house can maintain its proud beauty as it ages gracefully and yet in perfect health.

And the best news: while some replacement windows only last for a decade or so (maybe that’s why they call them “replacements”: they will also need replacing!), your original windows can last another 100 years without breaking a sweat.

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