Artisan Construction & Consultation
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Contractor Assistance

Part of my consultation business is helping customers navigate the confusing world of job descriptions, contractor or tradesperson experience and qualification, and quality control. In this way you might say that I am working to “protect” homeowners from contractors.

As anyone who has done this sort of work for more than a minute realizes, it is just as likely that contractors may need to be “protected” from homeowners. This can come in the form of dealing with unrealistic expectations or difficulty understanding your process. It may be a matter of managing change-orders or non-payment. I offer myself as a third party who can help settle disagreements or manage customer relations.

Historical restoration is an exciting part of the construction industry and lacks the competition seen in other types of remodeling. If you are interested in delving into historical restoration I can help coach you through many of the thickets you might encounter. In the end, many artisans opt out of historical restoration because it contains so many surprises and unexpected problems. As interesting as they are to solve, they can be equally difficult to get paid for. I have experienced it all and have developed contract language and customer communication systems and styles to manage these problems. I would love to pass my knowledge and experience on to you.

  • Contract and Proposal Review
  • Job Troubleshooting
  • Strategic Planning
  • Marketing and Business
  • Development
  • Mediation
  • Customer Communications
  • Coaching