Artisan Construction & Consultation
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Custom Carpentry & Remodeling

I am highly selective when it comes to building additions or outbuildings (sheds, reproduction carriage houses, etc.), working only on ones that benefit from my historic eye and experience in blending the new and old, both cosmetically and structurally.

For that reasons, perhaps, my additions and carriage houses, like my porches, are of an award-winning caliber, with four Cream of the Cream City awards for historic preservation. This doesn’t mean they are simply more expensive, or more expensive at all, only that I am attuned to the details that matter.

I bring this same eye for detail and broad range of experience to other sorts of carpentry jobs. They include complicated ones like building stairs and banisters, but I am, depending on my schedule, happy to consider more “standard” carpentry, such as building shelves, running trim, installing storm windows, even repairing furniture. As an avid climber with young aspiring climbers in the house, I also build indoor climbing walls!