Artisan Construction & Consultation
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The Thought Behind the Craft

I have been building things my whole life, and started roofing houses at age 14, eventually using these skills and work ethic to put myself through college and graduate school.

In 2000, I folded my first company, Artisan Construction, into Community Building and Restoration, which was later renamed Thoughtful Craftsmen. I ran Thoughtful Craftsmen as a sole owner from 2001 until 2017, at which time I brought in a co-owner.

During those 23 years, I developed and refined countless systems, processes, and techniques necessary to restore the old homes and buildings of Southeastern Wisconsin, and beyond.

I have always operated according to a mission and will continue to do so:

  • to restore old homes with thoughtful care and respect for the craft;
  • to create a just, equitable, and inclusive workplace where curiosity and learning were valued;
  • to provide honest assessments and advice with the goal of solving problems rather than simply selling a product.

I have always gravitated towards work that required problem solving and a thoughtful approach, and believe that as an owner and artisan, I need to stay involved in the work, itself.

I am always innovating and experimenting, and believe that throwing an untutored novice in above their head leaves everyone feeling unhappy and dissatisfied. There is no teacher like experience.

My porches, rails, additions, and reproduction carriage houses have won numerous awards and dot the East Side of Milwaukee, and beyond. Under my leadership, we became trailblazers in saving of old windows, educating the public about the value and superiority of wood windows when compared to the much-advertised “Replacement Windows.”  The twenty years of window restoration I have been involved in has brought our crews to places like The Wisconsin State Historical Society and The Fireman’s Pavilion in Columbus . But my primary concern is saving the windows in our neighborhoods, which offer irreplaceable benefits, beauty, and performance.

Continuing the Legacy:

Combined with the additional emphasis on consultation work, I am still available for projects that will benefit from my own two hands and the experience and knowledge that guide them.

Focusing on one project at a time, I will offer my skills and experience to you.  You will work directly with me, the owner, the original thoughtful craftsman

I am providing you the opportunity to work directly with the me, without costly layers of management in which your priorities and needs might easily be lost. I am willing to look at projects large and small. I can and will do many things myself, but I will also tell you if I think someone else is better suited for the work. Or I can oversee your project and work alongside hand-selected associates and subcontractors when that is the best approach. Either way you will be well served by my experience, my thoughtfulness, and my craftsmanship.