Artisan Construction & Consultation
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Building & Restoration Services

Throughout my years of building and contracting, I have worked on almost every aspect of houses, from foundation to roof and everything in between, on a scale stretching between repairing torn screens to building multiplex apartments.

The niche I ultimately embraced was the repair and restoration of old homes, as well as the construction of matching or well-blended additions and outbuildings. Along with past employees and current associates, I have performed restorations that are as small as a rotted windowsill and that are as large as the complete sanding, restoration, and repainting of large houses.

Porches have long been my personal specialty. I can accurately say that no living person in our area has built or overseen the restoration of as many porches as I have. There is hardly a block on the Eastside that doesn’t showcase at least one of my porch repairs or reconstructions, all done with a focus on the details of size, proportion, and style.

On interiors, I specialize in building coffered ceilings, installing period-appropriate built-ins and cabinets, repairing or replacing trim, windows, and doors. I repair plaster, match textures, can sand floors, and repair or replace stairs and banisters.

Repairing old homes requires a unique set of skills and an approach. Every situation must be assessed as a novel situation; there are few useful cookie cutters. It involves creativity, problem solving, and the ability to communicate options to clients.

Although I am currently a one-person company, I have a team composed of the best of my many former employees, which I can pull together for larger projects. I also work as a consultant. If I am not the best fit for your project, I can help you find someone who is; I can aid with budgeting and planning, even oversee or general contract your project.